Aahar Jharkahnd Portal क्या है?

आहार झारखण्ड पोर्टल को “Department of food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs, Government of Jharkhand” द्वारा जारी किया गया है। जिसमें झारखण्ड राज्य के गरीब रेखा के नीचे आने वाले परिवारों को राशन देने कार्य होता है। जिसमें लाभार्थी परिवार को राशन कार्ड बनना होता है, और राशन कार्ड के सदस्य के विवरण के आधार पर राशन डीलर द्वारा दिया जाता है।

आहार झारखण्ड पोर्टल के माध्यम से Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card से सबंधित ऑनलाइन कार्य के लिए भी Use किया जाता है। ऑनलाइन कार्य जैसे- New Ration Card Apply Online करना, Ration Card Status Check 2021,राशन कार्ड में सुधार करना आदि। इसके अलावा राशन कार्ड से सबंधित अन्य कार्य भी ऑनलाइन किया जा सकता है।

Rajasthan Paymanager is a salary bill preparation system designed for the employees of the Rajasthan state government. It provides a unified and common platform for preparing the salary bills of employees.

Through this Pay Manager software, not only does it provide the facility of preparing cable bills, but also helps in preparing DA Arrear, Bonus, Arrears and Leave encashment Bills.

Paymanager website has been created only for the government employees of Rajasthan only and those who work in a private company, those people can remove Payslip through software or website made by their company.

Mparivahan App: Under Digital India, Government has launched the latest initiative which delivers improved service access to citizens through a mobile-based application. Mparivahan App empowers citizens to get access to the details corresponding to any valid RC and/or DL numbers anytime anywhere just by a click of a button on the mobile app. Instant access and mobility shall benefit the citizens and government departments alike in terms of ready information and transparency in the system.


It is the new HRMS software developed by the government. Haryana government was using the HRMS Haryana web portal, but some more functionalities were proposed by the government. So Instead of updating the old HRMS portal, the Haryana government developed a new Intra Hry portal for personnel management.

Intra Haryana portal provides all-important MIS reports, Feedback, and employee data related to different services and departments.

What is BRBN Bihar?

The full name of BRBN is "Bihar State Seeds Corporation Limited". Under this scheme, the Bihar government provides better seeds to the farmers of Bihar at cheap prices. BRBN Bihar State Seed Corporation Limited was established on 18 July 1977. Keeping in view the importance of seeds in agricultural production, the Bihar government is doing its work with the aim of providing certified seeds of high quality to the farmers of the state at the right rate, at the right time, and at the right place.

The Telangana government has recently launched the IFMIS Telangana portal. If you want to download your employee salary slip from this portal. We all know where the Telangana State Government has introduced online and digital portals. The IFMIS Telangana portal enables employees to check their salary slips for the official website. The Telangana government has introduced integrated financial management and information system. The main objective of this information system where employees are able to get online services like online employee salary, IFMIS payslip, monthly intelligent employee payslip. Pay certificate etc. in PDF format.

Sarthi Parivahan Portal has many benefits. So let’s know about the benefits of the Sarathi Transport Services Portal: –